Evaluation is essential in assuring quality in education (Candoli, Nicholls, & Stufflebeam, 1995; Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, 1988). “The need for sound evaluation of educational personnel is clear; [it] is an essential means of assuring quality in education” (Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, 1988, pp. 5, 18). Glass (2007) states that superintendent evaluation is required by statute in most states; however, the states do not have specific mandates. Genck (1991) reports that a systematic evaluation of the superintendent’s performance informs the superintendent of their performance and reminds them of their responsibilities. Kowalski (1998) notes that evaluating a superintendent is an essential task that needs serious reform. The success of public school students lies in the hands of a district’s ultimate leader, the superintendent, and his/her success is evaluated by the district’s school board.